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Dr. Ps. Eduardo Sandoval Obando

Psychologist with a vast professional, academic and research career. He has a Postgraduate Education in Sexuality and Affectivity (U. de Chile); Diploma in University Teaching (UAC); Diploma in Family Health Model (U. de Chile); Diploma in Social Leadership (SNBP); Training in Psychology of Emergency and Disasters (UAM / ONEMI / U. Of Chile) / Specialization in Forensic Cognitive Neuroscience (UNITAR / UN – CIFAL Argentina).

He has 12 years of work experience in the community clinical field (APS mental health and Psychology in Emergencies), Educational (PIE Team Member / School Coexistence; Pedagogical Leadership; Comprehensive Support for School Management, etc.) and Organizational (strengthening training programs and comprehensive worker training; etc.). Thus, he has worked for 4 years as a Clinical Controller at the Primary Mental Health Care Level (Adults / Infants – Youth) CMD Valdivia, in addition to having worked for 6 years as Case Manager and Clinical Controller in the Juvenile Justice System belonging to the National Service for Minors (Los Ríos Region, Chile).

He has provided services as Advisor, Collaborator and Rapporteur on the Protection of Rights / Juvenile Justice for collaborating Bodies of SENAME in regions III, IV, XIV and X of Chile.

Independent Consultant for public, private and Armed Forces institutions. in processes of training, development and management of people (in the areas of leadership, effective communication, conflict resolution, educational neurosciences, teamwork, effective pedagogical practices in violated contexts, Emergency Psychology, Psychological First Aid, Research in Social Sciences, etc.).

At the academic level, for more than 10 years he has directed various undergraduate chairs in the Psychology Degrees of the University of Aconcagua (06/2010 – 08/2015), Santo Tomas University (07/2013 – 08/2016), San Sebastian University (01/2015 – 01/2018), Las Americas University – Campus La Florida (03/2018 – 08/2018), Universidad SEK (07 / 2018-02 / 2019) and Autonomous University of Chile (03/2019 a the date). Likewise, he has been able to share and disseminate his research experiences in scientific magazines from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Guatemala, Colombia, Cuba, Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Uruguay and Venezuela.




  • Bachelor of Health and Behavioral Sciences, Austral University of Chile, Puerto Montt (Chile)- 2005.
  • Psychologist, Bachelor of Psychology with Maximum Distinction, Austral University of Chile, Puerto Montt (Chile) – 2008.



  • Postgraduate “Education in Sexuality and Affectivity”, Department of Psychology, University of Chile and Technical Secretariat for Education in Sexuality and Affectivity, Department of Extracurricular Education of the Ministry of Education (October 21, 2009 – January 13, 2010. Total: 130 hrs.).
  • Diploma in University Teaching, University of Aconcagua, Valdivia (May – October 2012. Total: 164 hrs.).
  • Diploma in Family Health Model in Primary Care, School of Public Health – University of Chile, Santiago (March – December 2015. Total: 300 hrs.).
  • Diploma in Social Leadership organized by the National System of Public Libraries. Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage (March-April 2018. E-learning mode. Total: 70 chronological hours).
  • Specialization in Forensic Cognitive Neuroscience organized by the United Nations Institute for Training & Research (UNITAR / UN) / CIFAL Argentina. (April 2020. Total: 30 chronological hours).



  • Master in Education, Mention in Policies and Educational Management, title obtained with Highest Distinction in the Faculty of Philosophy and Humanities, Austral University of Chile, Valdivia – Chile; 2011-2012.
  • Doctor of Human Sciences, title obtained with Maximum Distinction in the Faculty of Philosophy and Humanities; Austral University of Chile, Valdivia – Chile. (March 2013- April 2017).
  • Postdoctorate © in Evolutionary Development, Department of Evolutionary Psychology and Education, University of Valencia (Spain). November 2018 to date.


  • Research Academic, responsible for generating research areas at the Pre and Postgraduate level; Teaching in Pre and Postgraduate; Researcher attached to the Academic Faculty of the Master in Neuroscience; Researcher attached to the academic Faculty of the Master in Social Research. School of Psychology – Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, Autonomous University of Chile (Temuco). March 11, 2019 to date.
  • Academic and Researcher (Guest), to support postgraduate teaching processes (direction of master’s and doctoral thesis); Collaborate in the Cloister of the Doctorate in Education program, Attached to the Postgraduate Directorate, SEK University. July 3, 2018 to present.
  • Consulting Psychologist and Rapporteur (Free Lance) at Various OTECs, responsible for the Design, Planning, Execution and Evaluation of Training processes for Public and Private institutions, through the Public Market System; SENCE franchise; Framework Agreement, etc. Topics developed: Labor Climate Management; Conflict resolution; Intervention and Approach to Child Sexual Abuse Red SENAME; Emergency Psychology; Disaster Risk Management; Critical Incident Management; Psychosocial Support for Childhood Disasters; Strengthening Technical Capacities Related teams Chile Grows With You; Crisis intervention; Leadership; Quality of Care and Good Treatment for the User; Effective communication; Neurosciences of Education, Approach and Intervention in SEN; Management of Positive School Coexistence; etc. October 2013 to date.
  • Academic Responsible for the subject “Theoretical Foundations of Educational Psychology I”, in the Career of Psychology – University of the Americas, Campus La Florida – Metropolitan Region. March 2018 – August 2018.
  • Psychologist – (Freelance psychologist) in charge of supporting the processes of dissemination and admission of higher education, through evaluations, talks and workshops on vocational guidance, personal development of adolescents and comprehensive support for the educational process of students belonging to educational establishments in the Los Ríos Region. Diffusion and Admission Unit, San Sebastián University, Valdivia – Los Ríos Region (Chile). July 2016 – January 31, 2018.
  • Academic Responsible for the subjects “Evolutionary Psychology II”, “Non-traditional Fields of Action of the Educational Psychologist”, “School Management and Psychoeducational Intervention”, “Psychological Factors in Educational Processes (Lab.)”, “Title Seminar and Exams Degree ”,“ Professional Practices Supervisor – Education Psychology Line ”in the Psychology Degree – San Sebastián University, Valdivia Headquarters – Los Ríos Region (Chile). January 2015 – January 31, 2018.
  • Educational Psychologist focused on the individual attention of students belonging to the School Integration Program (evaluations, reevaluations and socio-educational attention); proxy care and family counseling; psychometric, emotional and personality assessments; diagnostic clinical interviews; participation internal workshops of the establishment, teacher training and education assistants; referral to psychosocial cases network, comprehensive support to improve school coexistence. Educational Units dependent on the DAEM Valdivia, Los Ríos Region (Chile), September 21, 2017 – December 31, 2017.
  • Psychologist – (Freelance psychologist) in charge of supporting the processes of dissemination and admission of higher education, through talks and workshops on personal development (leadership, creativity and discovery of talents) in middle school adolescents, belonging to educational establishments in the Los Rivers. Public Relations Unit, Austral University of Chile, Isla Teja Campus – Los Ríos Region (Chile). May – July 2017.
  • Psychologist – Clinical Controller of the Valdivia Dental Medical Center, dependent on the Health Network – Hospital de Carabineros de Chile. April 28, 2014 – August 23, 2017. Focused on: psychological clinical care in APS Mental Health, aimed at police officers (on active duty and / or retired), charges and monopoly; PDI and GENCHI staff; prevention and promotion of mental health in the Health Network program for adults, women, children; comprehensive psychological evaluations (personality, cognitive, emotional, etc.); training and promoting positive health skills; unit medical rounds; support and advice on mental health for police units, crisis intervention, emergency psychology and orientation regarding socio-natural disasters; psychoeducation, etc.
  • Academic Responsible for the subjects: “Theoretical Foundations of Educational Psychology”, “Psychology from Infant to Adolescent”, “Psychology from Adult to Old Age”, “Research Project I” and “Title Seminar” in the Psychology Degree (evening) – Santo Tomás University, Valdivia Campus – Los Ríos Region (Chile). July 2013 – August 2016.
  • Teacher Responsible for the module “Human Relations and Personal Development” within the Course of Techniques and Tactics of Police Operations and Procedures; CENPECAR, FOCUS; Valdivia – Los Ríos Region (Chile). April 2014 – August 2015.
  • Psychologist – Clinical Intervention Professional within the CIP – CRC Valdivia, National Service for Minors, in Valdivia – Los Ríos Region, May 2013 – April 2014. Focused on: clinical care and reintegration of adolescents deprived of liberty, within the Law Adolescent Criminal Responsibility (Law No. 20,084), support for the preparation of the Intervention Plan, clinical intervention (individual / group / family), coordination of the mental health and drug network (UHCE, PAI, etc.), crisis intervention; case analysis and clinical advice; updating and management of the SENAINFO system; coordination of the judicial circuit, etc.
  • Academic Responsible for the subjects “Bases of Technical Training”, “Bases of Scientific Thought”, “Psychological Evaluation I”, “Methodology of Social Sciences”, “Methodology of Health Research”, “Psychopharmacology”, “Neuropsychology”, “Psychopathology”, “Psychological Processes I”, “Adolescent Psychology”, “Educational Psychology”, “Theory and Psychological Systems I”, “Sports Psychology”, “Director of Thesis” in Psychology – University de Aconcagua, Valdivia – Los Ríos Region (Chile). June 2010 – August 2015.
  • Psychologist – Case Manager within the Alternative Departures Program, executed at the regional level by the Christian Youth Association (YMCA), in Valdivia – Los Ríos Region (Chile), March 2010 – May 24, 2013. Focused on: care and reintegration of minors violators of the Adolescent Criminal Responsibility Law (Law No. 20,084), design and evaluation of PIE; diagnosis and evaluations of personality, family and community; promotion and strengthening of psychosocial competences; SENAINFO management, etc.



  • Principal Investigator of the Investigation Project – FONDECYT of Initiation Nº11190028 “Rural Teaching Professionalism: Socio-educational Implications from the Generative Narrative Perspective” (2019-2022).
  • Investigation Project FONDECYT Regular Co-Investigator No. 1170019 “The School Map as Epistemicide of Education: Understanding the School from the Margins” (2017-2020).
  • Member of the Araucanía Multidisciplinary Research Center (CIMA)
  • Member of the National Association of Postgraduate Researchers (ANIP)
  • Member of the Chilean Association of Researchers in Education (ACHIE)
  • Member of the Chilean Society of Psychology of Emergency and Disasters (SOCHPED)
  • Member of the Network of Researchers in Chilean Education (RIECH)
  • Peer Evaluator in Par Program Explore Conicyt La Araucanía.
  • Member as Reserve Officer attached to the School of Telecommunications – Education Division, Chilean Army (Metropolitan Region). Specialist Psychologist and rapporteur on topics: Leadership (MILE), Emergency Psychology and Crisis Intervention in Socionatural Disasters, Suicide Intervention and Approach in Military Context; Promotion and Prevention of Mental Health in the Armed Forces, Management of Critical Incidents; BRIFE course, etc.
  • Reviewer of important National and International Scientific Journals, such as Revista de Estudios Pedagógicos (Chile); Childhood, Education and Learning Magazine (Chile); University and Health (Argentina); Psychological Reports (Colombia); Psicogente (Colombia); International Journal of Sociology of Education (Spain); International Journal of Educational Psychology (Spain); Educational Psychology (Spain), Teaching staff – Journal of Curriculum and Teacher Training (Spain), Latin American Journal of Social Sciences, Childhood and Youth (Colombia).
  • External Peer Reviewer in the Internal Research Funds competition in 2020, Faculty of Psychology – University of Aconcagua (Argentina).
  • Internal Research Fund Reviewer – Call 2019, SEK University, Santiago de Chile – Chile.
  • Internal and Extraordinary Competition Reviewer of Research and Innovation Projects in Education. PMI UMCE 1501 2017 – 2018, Funds “A” and “B”, Metropolitan University of Education Sciences, Santiago de Chile – Chile.
  • Reviewer member of the Technical Area Committee (CTA) in Social Sciences for the NATIONAL RESEARCH AND INNOVATION AGENCY – Uruguay (ANII), within the framework of the Scientific Projects Clement Stable Fund 2017 (FCE 2017). July 2017.
  • Peer Evaluator of Research Projects R + D + i Call 2016 for the Catholic University of Santiago del Estero (Argentina), according to resolution 175/2017.



  • TEST DOMAIN: Weschler scales; Luscher; Zulliger; Rorscharch; MMPI-II; DISC; IPV; Raven; OTIS; 16 PF; Wonderlic; FALLS OFF; TEAK; Person in the Rain; HTP; Human figure; etc.
  • ENGLISH: INTERMEDIATE LEVEL (written, spoken); Advanced (listening and reading).